miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

letras, números, palabras... letters, numbers, words...

Collar hecho con antiguas piezas de imprenta de los años 40.
Puedes elegir letras, números y palabras.
Tú eliges!
Las medidas varía según la letra, número o palabra.
Son piezas de los años 40 sin retocar, con sus manchitas e imperfecciones las cuales forman parte de su carácter inherente por lo que no deben ser consideradas como defectos, sino como parte de su encanto.


A delicate antique gold chain holds a very special authentic 1940's aged brass letterpress print block with a letter, number or word of your choice.
These are a very interesting find, and hard to place except maybe used in an undergarment factory, or somewhere in the garment district, used on hand-cranked printing presses. There is letters, single numbers, size numbers...
The letterpress print block is an authentic vintage piece, so the differences in the finish and 'imperfections' are part of the inherent character and charm of the piece and should not be considered defects. I personally think it adds charm, character and nostalgic feeling to the necklace.

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